Aileen Zhang

Contact Me Section: Aileen Zhang Cell (626)-271-0207 Dre # 01374582  

About Me Section:

I Aileen Zhang, have powerful marketing techniques and expertise to sell your home at the right price.


In addition, I have  many pre-qualified buyers some including cash buyers who are anxiously waiting to purchase I stand ready to assist you with all your listing needs and look forward to helping you make fiscally safe and sound decisions. Call today to set up your appointment to find out how I may assist you with finding a buyer.





Why Me?


For buyers, I appreciate the opportunity to advise you regarding your home purchasing. I am committed to provide you timely listing information to ensure a smooth process. I am looking forward for your consideration on this matter. Should you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact me seven days a week or E-Mail to:


Contact me:

Aileen Zhang

Cell (626)-271-0207

Dre # 01374582




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